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Friday, August 18th 2017

And for my first magic trick.... Just kidding! But you will like this. 

I wanted to share something special with everyone for my first post on this blog. As a matter of fact it will be my first blog post ever! As you know by now, I love the water and anything beach related. So, I thought that I would entrust you with some of the brands that I dig. They are all about making this world a better place through sharing! A lot of them are big supporters of the oceans and marine life, which is why I'm an ambassador! To encourage and reward you for supporting these causes that I hold dear to my heart, I offer you some stellar discounts across the board! 

Sand Cloud - I've been an ambassador of theirs for a couple years now. I absolutely love their products and their cause! My beach towels are perfect and so soft. My reusable glass water bottle gets a zillion compliments every time I leave the house with it. The tees and long sleeves I have from them are perfect for daytime and night-time comfort! It gets better; they give back 10% of their profits to charities that help protect marine life! #savethefishies

Pura Vida - Okay, if you haven't heard about these bracelets, you've been living under a rock (hopefully this rock is at least on a nice beach somewhere). This company started out very small as an effort to help bring jobs to artisans in Costa Rica. Now, they support over 150 artisans worldwide with full time jobs. On top of that, they sell specific bracelets to raise money for different charities, such as saving dolphins and marine debris solutions. If you need to add colour and life to your beach accessory collection, join the #puravidaclub

Devocean - This one is all about the sea turtles! They have everything from beautiful beach glass bracelets to darling necklaces and delicate rings. Their beach towels have punch with unique ombré and tie dye patterns. But most of all, 20% profit goes to promote sea turtle research and conservation. Style it up and stay #devotedtotheocean 

Airbnb - This one is for those looking to book accommodations. I love the idea of Airbnb because it's about creating a worldwide community of people sharing their homes and spaces with others. You can rent apartments, trailers, spare rooms, yurts and tree houses. Anything you can imagine is on there, it just depends where you are going! I've only had wonderful experiences with Airbnb and the people using it. 

Smug Mug - I'm new to the smug mug family but have truly enjoyed my experience thus far. This is the platform where I host my brand new website, the one that you're reading right now! It's great for anyone in the field of photography because it is very much based on image display, downloadable albums, and print sales. The platform is easy to use and you can definitely get creative with it!

I've put all my lovely ambassador codes on a separate page so that I can update it over time, bringing you more and more brands to enjoy. I'll make it easily accessible from anywhere on the blog via the blue blog menu up top. Click the ambassador button below to start browsing now!

Sarah xo.