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Everyone seems to want to know how young people manage to travel the world on a budget. I get asked a plethora of questions every time that it comes up in conversation. Where do you find the money? How do you leave your life behind? What about your rent and bills and student loans? Where have you been? Where are you going next? You did what? What do you put in your backpack? You went where? You went alone? Are you crazy?

So, here we are. I'm finally writing a blog and you're finally going to get all of my answers laid out in black and white. Also, in colour! Wonderful colourful photographs of the places that I've been! I'll be talking about everything from the gear that I use, to the places that I've been, where I'm going next and the obscure bucket list that I have. Most of all though, I'm going to get you motivated to get up and go. We will chit chat about booking flights, finding accommodations and getting the most out of your trip, no matter what the length. It's time, so grab your passport, let's get you stamped! 



Friday, August 25th 2017


Looking forward to my second post. Just to give you an idea of what's coming up next, I'll be posting about my crazy wonderful experience hiking the Camino de Santiago. It's an 800km trek through the French pyrenees into Spain and all the way out to the Atlantic coast. We will only be able to scratch the surface in one post so we'll break it up into parts. Keep an eye out next week, I'll be making a splash soon!

Sarah xo.


Friday, August 18th 2017


I wanted to share something special with everyone for my first post on this blog. As a matter of fact it will be my first blog post ever! As you know by now, I love the water and anything beach related. So, I thought that I would entrust you with some of the brands that I dig. They are all about making this world a better place through sharing! A lot of them are big supporters of the oceans and marine life, which is why I'm an ambassador! To encourage and reward you for supporting these causes that I hold dear to my heart, I offer you some stellar discounts across the board! 

Sarah xo.

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