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Salt + Silence

The conception of this brand is coming to you straight from the waters of the world. Our passion is the water and it has only grown stronger over the years. We enjoy every moment spent submerged. The main event has always been the last breath, the inhale. Plunging yourself into the droning silence of the sea. Hold it. Clearing your ears as you descend into the depths. Hold it. The release of air as time passes. And finally, letting go of it all as you return to the surface - to reality. As you breach that dividing line, you’re left with salt on your lips and fantasies in your head. To come full circle: salt + silence is what our dreams are made of and we want to bring this magic to you through photography.

We are based in Southwestern Ontario (Canada) and willing to travel. If you're interested in bringing us to waters near you, check out our services below!

Cheers xo,

Salt + Silence Team



Sarah Jan is an extensive adventurer, photographer, and creative. Her curiosities brought her to study interior decorating, wedding planning and photography in Canada. They have also taken her to a dozen other countries in order to observe the landscape and the souls that inhabit it. Jan has always been fascinated by the manner in which humans interact with their environment.

By means of visual story telling, Jan brings you her passions for the great outdoors, travel destinations, adventure sports, art and lifestyle. She sets out to capture evocative images that will inspire a generation to re-consider their relationship with the natural world. Jan sees photography as awareness and a call to action to enjoy and care for our planet. Provoking positive change and contributing to the movement of preserving Earth's untamed lands and waters.

Through social media, Sarah Jan strives to share her passion of wild waters and far away places with people from around the globe. She hopes that her creative content will inspire them to join her, stepping outside their comfort zone and into the wild.